martedì 31 luglio 2007

Dear, u are very nice

Cinque e-mail tutte uguali.
Hello, Christian

If I had tons of gold, they wouldn't be worth even your single sweet word to
If I had all the clothes in the world, they wouldn't be worth even a single
soft touch of your hands,
If I had a single wish I could make, I would wish to be with you in a
family, friendly and happy family:
Sometimes I wish that it would be better to live in this world without any
feelings, just like robots: Why do we suffer?! Because we have feelings,
emotions, worries, fears, smiles::
I am very lonely, and I would give to you everything I have, just to be with
you, to love and to be loved:If you are also alone, and if you also have
feelings you want to use, to share, to live:please write me to and I will be happy to get acquainted closer.

Looking forward to get a note from you

Cecilia P.

2 commenti:

Sandro ha detto...

Fortunato te che arrivano queste belle email in cui si può leggere qualcosa :-P, a me continuano ad arrivare una ventina di mail con nulla di scritto ed un allegato in PDF che prima o poi lo apro per curiosità :-P.

Sbronzo di Riace ha detto...

Dovrebbe trattarsi di spam, adesso usano i pdf per aggirare i filtri antispam.