domenica 20 settembre 2009

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum gratis

Fino al 30 settembre 2009 è possibile scaricare dal sito del produttore WinX DVD Ripper Platinum e sarà possibile utilizzarlo per sempre senza dover nulla al produttore.

Link per il download. Dal sito del produttore:

Note: The original price of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is $24.95. Now it is totally free available from Sep. 15 to Sep. 30 (give away for half month). No registration code is required. Just download it and backup your DVDs right away.

Q: Will this FREE DVD Ripper Platinum version still work after the Sep. 30th?
A: Yes, this version will work lifetime, you can keep it as long as your wish.

Q: Will I have to pay to continue to use it?
A: No, you can continue to use this version without any fee.

Q: Will I be able to update to a newer version for free?
A: For minor update, it's totally free; and we plan to release a brand new version (major upgrade) in Nov., adding several new features, such as upgrade codec, support HD, and merge, crop, split video, etc. If you want to upgrade, you can get it at a very low price.

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