mercoledì 12 settembre 2007

Facili guadagni

Ho ricevuto un'interessante proposta di facili guadagni (7% mica bruscolini). Chi offre di più?
Orkney Islands Shipping Co. Ltd.,
Head Office, 4 Ayre Road,
Kirkwall, Orkney,
KW15 1QX
United Kingdom.
2nd August, 2007.


This is Mr. Nixon Winters, Marketing Director of Orkney Islands Shipping/Financial Advisory Limited based in The United Kingdom. I am 54 years old, and have been in this position for approximately 5 years.

We are a small scale company with staff strength of 10. Our website is currently under construction and shall get to you once it has been set up.

Our company deals on import and export of Communication Accessories and Household Appliances. We specialize mainly on mechanical equipment, hardware, softwares, electrical, medical, chemicals, light industrial products,office equipment and other products for world trade.

We also act as stock brokers and financial advisory for various small scaled Asian companies, unable to operate in the Western World due to logistic reasons such as language barrier / over head cost of maintanance,labour management,etc.

We are currently assisting these companies recruiting processing agents in The United States of America only, whose function would be primarily assisting us receive and disburse payment for sales of machanical and chemical industrial materials which our Asian affiliates / companies are basically involved in.

We have a worked out agreement of understanding to scout for representatives whose role will be to receive funds of their behalf after they have concluded shipment of their products to their numerous customers in the states.

In other words, you role will be that of a payment agent. You shall handle cash payments on their behalf.

You are to deduct upon receipt of any payment, a 7% commission based on all financial transaction you handle, as form of salary..

This will be reviewed and updated based on your work efficiency.

Kindly send below details for consideration, if you are interested in this special offer via email address:

(1)Your full names

(2)Contact address

(3)Phone/fax numbers

(4)Your residential address

(5)Your present occupation

(6) Your marital status

(7) Your Age

Thank you for your time.

Very Respectfully,

Mr. Nixon Winters.


3 commenti:

Pautasio ha detto...

Mmm... si chiama Nixon... non ti fidare. Potrebbe entrare nella tua camera d'albergo al Watergate e infilarti documenti compromettenti nel cassetto del comò. Tipo una foto di Rosy Bindi in bikini

Anonimo ha detto...

Ummm pero' dai il 7 e' buono :p

Anonimo ha detto...

Che si chiamava Nixon l'avevo notato subito. Nel fare l'articolo volevo anche ironizzare sul nome ma avevo poca voglia di scrivere e allora ho fatto solo un copia ed incolla.

Il 7 non è male, ma se qualcuno offrisse di più perché accontentarsi?